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  1. I have found a balloon in a field in a small village called Wicklewood, near Wymondham, Norfolk. The name on it was Hector Zaborowski, ecole St Exupery

    1. Hello,

      It is so surprising! If I well understood it means you find the balloon that my son let fly from AIRE SUR LA LYS in France! My son is called Hector Zaborowski, almost 2 years old.
      Could you please be so kind to keep the balloon?
      What is incredible it is that i am right now in my sofa with my wife, i am ramdomly writting “HECTOR ZABOROWSKI” in google, just to see what about Hector Zaborowski, and I can see a link to the internet site of the “cultural center” of AIRE SUR LA LYS. I read your message about a balloon with the name of my son. I supposed there was with the balloon a card with the internet adress of school St exupery???!!! Your email please!

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